Jewel Warfield-Nelson is the Creator/Owner and Allied Health Specialist for Simply Jewel Cosmetics, Inc.

Jewel is uniquely qualified to help clients and patients thrive with her expansive knowledge and experience as since high school she has had a passion for helping others. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Jewel dreamt of becoming an army nurse but later realized she did not have the coping mechanisms to deal with death and dying; but then realized she desired to help others heal!

Jewel’s mother, a magnanimous person who was someone whose generosity of spirit was so large, taught her to overcome her fear of death. Jewel’s mother once told her “People fear the dead, but we should fear the living.” This quote had such a profound effect on Jewel that it taught her to overcome those fears and gave her the courage to pursue a career in the medical field helping those in need.

After several years of volunteering in hospitals, community and two years working for the Cancer Mobile, Jewel returned to the classroom where she received a certificate as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in 2003. Jewel went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Allied Health, achieving the title of Allied Health Specialist in 2010, while volunteering with the Cancer Associations.

Jewel has also volunteered at the 9Health Fairs for the past seven years, bringing communities together to provide preventive health education. Now more than ever, our health is in our own hands. Jewel and other medical personnel volunteer their time at the 9Health Fair to help promote better health in the community. 9Health Fair strives to provide a pleasant, useful and efficient environment by using engage medical professionals as volunteers and use the same lab – Quest Diagnostics – as you see in the local medical offices.

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Simply Jewel Mission Statement

Awareness – Mission is to bring awareness to all who are prepared, willing, and a desire to make a conscious decision of making healthy choices as well as a lifestyle.

Healthy Choices – Providing resources to promote a healthy being internally and externally, while assisting individuals to connect with nature, self, their higher power, as well as prolonging life, and formulating healthier life choices; this includes eating healthy, exercise, incorporating alternative and conventional (integrative) awareness.

External Awareness – Offering tools that exemplify how to look natural when applying makeup, in order to feel and look beautiful, part of healing the body, mind, and soul.

Safe Products – Simply Jewel has created revelatory products by using her cosmetology, medical, and science background to develop products that are safe enough for cancer survivors and all who care to thrive by getting back to basics.

Thanks to Everyone

Who believe, support, and purchase Simply Jewel Cosmetics and additionally to those who have utilized my Allied Health Services.

~ Help for all who care to thrive ~