A Note from Jewel

Simply Jewel Cosmetics

I am Jewel Warfield – Nelson the creator of Simply Jewel Cosmetics. As a young girl allergic to many elements of the ecosphere as well as eczema outbreaks, now my skin is cleared from eczema. I have tried many products. Not only did I work for many cosmetic lines as a makeup artist and a sales representative, I was infected by a microorganism that has infected sections of my face. Oh did I mention picking my face too? This is normally caused by contaminated skincare and makeup displayed on the counter and more than likely daily customers playing in samples without clean hands.  As I go along my journey in life I created a line with you all in mind and will forever clean up the disaster of microorganisms, “rude” radicals, greasy buildup and the abuse our skin endures on a daily basis.

With that being said, “Please feel free to browse and call me personally for your cosmetic, bath pampering and healing needs”.

Mineral line of cosmetics: Custom blend foundations (by appointment only) nail polishes, lipsticks, bronzers, powders, eyes shadows and pencils. What makes me stand out from others? I am proficient and knowledgeable about many products and their benefits. I can be of great service for creating products and colors that you fell in love with but are no longer sold or out of stock.

Natural/Organic skincare line: I believe in using organic oils, natural products derived from plants, vegetable, fruits, seeds, leaves, flowers and bark.  With my science background I understand the therapeutic properties that are soothing, nourishing and medicinal. My daily skincare regimen consists of healing my body, soul and spirit in a world full of stress. The end result is to heal the face, body and to enhance our natural beauty. My product is also safe for cancer survivors and anyone who would like to make healthy choices.

Hope to see you all at a clinic and/or seminar soon

Be Well,